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Mission Statement

It is the mission of The Writing Co-operative to provide scriptwriters with a unique platform for showcasing your equally exceptional scripts. On our state of the art website. Where producers and production companies can search through writer’s profiles or by our amazing Genre search engine.
By joining The Writing Co-operative (you the writer) are aligning yourself with many amazing writers who all have one goal, for your screenwriting to be up on the big screen. With everyone networking together and all the scriptwriters using a straightforward platform, The Writing Co-operative is in partnership already with production companies. It is our mission to become a one-stop-shop for transforming script to the big screen.


Why use this platform?

  • Custom profile page.
  • Genre search engine.
  • Personalized business cards
  • Networking with industry working professionals
  • Not having to find an agent to get yourself started
  • Keeping credit where credit is due
  • Insider access by a moderated forum only open to members
  • Opportunity to find like-minded writers to collaborate with.


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The Writing Co-operative does not guarantee the sale of any writer or member script/s. The Writing Co-operative is a networking based platform, meaning that it takes many writer/s or member/s to be using this platform for networking to work correctly. Everyone has a responsibility as a co-operative to do some groundwork by networking. However, with membership fees, and a 2% commission, for this
platform, there will be advertising associated with The Writing Co-operative as well as future script contests (more to come). “The Writing Co-operative” is a brand name owned by Double C Holdings Inc., and we guarantee to maintain and keep “The Writing Co-operative,” a positive brand that you the writer/member can be happy to be associated. All member/s and production companies must agree to, Crediting “The Writing Cooperative.ca and “Double C Holdings Inc.” for our contribution in the making of any scripts sold through our platform.