ContractsContracts are one of the most important parts of sharing your (work) script/s, screenplay/s, or script ideas, loglines and even thoughts with a production company. Unless you are very good friends with an established trust; anything you say can be used before you register or copyright your ideas. Now this doesn’t happen as much as it used to, but there are still people out there, that will take any idea and try and make it their own. Therefore it is in everyone’s best interest, to protect the work you’re working on.

If someone is interested in your story and asks, do you have any other scripts? Don’t mention the shiny new one you thought of in the shower yet. Kindly say I have a few things up my sleeve! Let me round off the edges a little and the moment I can share it, I will. If you take the time to write out an outline for your new idea you can register it with the appropriate guild for your area or as many guilds as you see fit.

Here is a sample: “Submission Release” form this is different than a contract to have your work produced by a production company who will provide you with a contract. I would suggest that you read the whole thing carefully and if you are unsure consult with an entertainment lawyer or law firm before signing.

The Submission Release is written for, Vancouver Canada, please email for changes to the form for your area.

The Writing Co-operative, Director