Film Producers

First off, on behalf of all the writers on this site, and all the staff of The Writing Co-operative, we all would like to give you a warm welcome.

We at The Writing Co-operative are committed to making your experience of script shopping as easy and convenient as we possibly can. Please feel free to open a free account, this will open up access to view and interact with the many different members from across the world. You will be able to search by genre or by profile and writers/member’s names. You will also be able to send private messages directly on this site to the writer(s) of your choice.

  • Simply click on memberships.
  • Create a profile. Feel free to use aliases.
  • Search genres.
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  • Offer a CONTRACT to VIEW full script(s)
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Q&A – Questions and Answers

Who is a Producer?

  • Lone producer who has a platform to share content.
  • Production Companies.
  • Private organizations that need script for video.
  • Social Media TV Stations.
  • Streaming Companies.
  • Studio(s).
  • YouTube Hosts.
  • YouTube Channel(s).

Really anyone who has the means to buy or work with a writer for the means of production.

Can a Producer – Writer, post scripts?

If you are a producer/writer, you are still considered one or the other on this platform. You can have a free site to buy scripts or you can register as a writer by becoming a paid member. Memberships help pay our staff at The Writing Co-operative. Memberships also pay for advertising of the website and associated media.

Does, The Writing Co-operative take commissions?

No, we are a membership site. If you choose to buy or work with a writer that is showcasing their work on this site. You are agreeing to work with the writer(s) at “Fair, Industry Union Rates” or at an agreed upon specialized rate. That is standardized or greater than union rates. You and the writer have to come to an agreement that both parties can accept.


The Writing Co-operative doesn’t believe in soliciting. We do however believe in networking, advertising and marketing.

  • Advertising; The Writing Co-operative runs social media and web based advertising. If you continually see ads, it is being done through paid advertising/marketing materials and is completely coincidental.
  • Networking; direct interaction. Industry working professionals using tools “Business cards” to share, The Writing Co-operative website and personal profile of the member who is networking.
  • Spam; The Writing Co-operative doesn’t send out emails, direct messaging, cold calls, or traditional mail. If you are experiencing any of these types of spam please contact The Writing Co-operative directly and our staff will do our (absolute best) to find and hold the problem party responsible.


The Writing Co-operative is committed to your privacy, but will not be held responsible if your identity is some how leaked.  Please do your absolute best not to give out personal information, email addresses, phone number(s), with out protecting yourself by contract. We will work with you to resolve any issues that may occur and take action by removing anybody that doesn’t respect your privacy rights.

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