Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers

Why join The Writing Co-operative?
You become part of a group of writers (an alliance), some who already work in the Film and TV industry.

Why is an Alliance important?
Alliances are import, because everyone is working towards the same goal. With one individual landing a deal it improves the rest of the co-op.

How does one person’s actions help the co-op?
One person networking brings potential buyers to everyone’s work. It also sparks interest for the writers to put their best work forward because buyers are looking.

Why Network?
Networking, creates interest in the website. Interest turns this site into a launching pad. In return it benefits everyone in the co-op.

Should every member Network?
The more people that share our co-operative, It really helps make this site the beginning and the end of everything for production companies. Also, you never know when you share with someone, who their contacts or friends are. They just may tell someone else and that someone could be on the board at Universal or Netflix

What makes this platform different than other co-ops?
By giving you the writer different tools for showing off your work.

  • Profile page
  • Genre search
  • Personalized networking tools
  • Accomplishment showcase
  • Forum (Members only)
  • Add and Remove your scripts.

Why put your title on the Genre Search?
By setting up your script title in the category (Genre) search engine you maximize the potential for producers to see your work. E.g. a producer looks on their favorite writer’s profile for a comedy script. The writer doesn’t have any comedies up at the moment… so the producer searches comedies. Luckily, you have filled out the Genre and your script comes up with all the other comedies, and yours is chosen for review.

Why register your work?
By registering your work with the appropriate Writers Guild, you protect your work from being copied. Although there are always going to be scam artists and out right bad individuals who may try and re-create your hard work. By registering you can proceed with court applications to verify that you were in fact the original creator of the registered work. Also look into copyrighting your work with The Library of Congress

What do I do when a firm request to see my script?
You should never show your full manuscript or script without having a non-disclosure contract, stating how long they have to view it and who is allowed to see it at their firm.

Contract templates coming soon.

I’ve sold, or I’m working with a production team on one of my Scripts. Now what do I do with my profile?
First, Congratulations!!!


  • Remove – Delete or change your script status or remove it altogether.
  • Revise – Revise your accomplishments section on your profile.
  • Repeat – Submit a new script and repeat the process.

I’ve started making money on my movie now what?
Now that money is coming in you should join the union, through the appropriate Writers Guild. By working under their umbrella. You will receive all of the benefits associated. Medical, Dental, Pension possibility of creating more work etc…

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