Life A Drift




Zack Kold was laying in his quarters, as tears built in his eyes, he could do nothing but think. It has been two years now, a journey that was only supposed to be three months. As he laid there, he thought to himself, but the more he thought the more that he raged inside about the decisions he had made, the ones that brought him to this dark musty cabin, and the ones that put him at the mercy of his captors.

“Hey, Mike I have an idea, ” Zack said. Mike had that look in his eyes knowing that Zack’s ideas were fun but not always logical. “Let’s get away from here, go travel the world, before we get old and grey or get locked down in some dead end job.

“Zack, that’s crazy ! Where are we going to get the money to do something like that?” Mike asked.

Zack replied, ” Well we could hitch hike, you’ve got nice legs.”

Mike punched Zack saying, “Quit looking at my legs and what do we do when we hit the ocean? Turn back?”

“No we could work on a ship so the cost would be cheaper we could go anywhere!” Zack said.

“Let me think about it for a bit, I don’t know,” Mike stated…… “Sure why not, we only live once,” Mike said…..

Tears now poured down Zack’s face hopelessly, he prayed and wondered if he would ever get off this ship. He laid facing the wall and scratched another small tick into the paint. 730 ticks stretched out along side the cot he slept on. When will someone find me?

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